Mayor of Zagreb Tomislav Tomasevic on Thursday, he reached an agreement with the Čistoća workers, thus ending the Čistoća workers’ strike that had been going on since Monday. After thanking them for their patience and honesty, Tomašević put on a yellow suit and, together with the workers, started to collect garbage.

With his appearance on the field, he reminded of his predecessor Milan Bandić, however, the comparison did not sit well with Tomašević.

– I am not Milan Bandić who put on a uniform to teach workers how to work, I am here to learn.

He commented on this statement, as well as the general situation in the Holding, in Dnevnik Nova TV.

The journalist asked him if he believed that with that statement he convinced the citizens that he is not like Bandić, to which he replied that ‘he is definitely not that Milan Bandić.

– I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves, I’m not faking – he added.

– If it will happen, and it won’t, that people will carry bags to my office due to changes in spatial plans and if I will live in a Penthouse, and not like now – in a 40 m2 apartment, then I can understand such comparisons. But that will not happen – said Tomašević.

He also revealed that there is a possibility that the price of utilities will increase.

– We’ll talk about that when the time comes. There is this possibility, just as there is an increase in the price of water – he stated and added that the increase in prices will lead to the restoration of the water supply network.

– It is impossible that we have three main pipelines that burst every week. No city in Croatia has such a situation – he added.

– As for the prices of other communal services, we have not increased them for a year.

– This is not only about cleanliness, this is about how everything has a chain reaction on the entire Holding. We will talk about it in the next month.

He stated that there are several hundred new employees in the Holding.

– There are still too few of them in Čistoca – he said.

He referred to the allegations of the opposition that his signature was not valid.

– My signature – I am at the same time the Assembly of the City of Zagreb. Don’t worry workers, my signature is binding.

– As for the coalition, a new agreement was signed with the SDP, I believe that good cooperation will be good in the parliamentary elections as well – said Tomašević.

Asked about reconstruction after the earthquake, he said that it was not within his jurisdiction. When asked if he would form a coalition with HDZ.

With Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, he says, he has the kind of cooperation that should exist between every mayor and prime minister.

– We have to find a common language about the things we have to cooperate on. Our responsibility is to do what is good for the citizens – he explained, but also added that they do not agree on many topics and there are tensions.

At the end, he referred to the situation with the arrested Croats in Zambia, among whom is councilor Mozemo.

– He is one of 500 councilors in the local self-government, but I know him personally. I haven’t been in contact with him for some time, I didn’t want to comment on that topic so as not to politicize and in some way endanger his position, as well as the position of the other seven who were in custody – said Tomašević

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