The pressure from outside was really great, Ruben Vardanyan, the former minister of state of Artsakh, said, referring to the reasons for his resignation.

“We have an outside world and an inside world. It seemed to me that external pressure does not help us to have a situation inside where we feel that we are able to fight against this pressure stronger,” said Vardanyan.

He added that he will not leave Artsakh, emphasizing. – “I know that there is pressure related to my staying in Artsakh, but I should mention that not only will I not go, but I can’t imagine myself without Artsakh.” I will happily continue with the activities that I have carried out so far.”

“Our foundation, “We are our mountains” agency, has already made several projects. I must say that it was an example of very important cooperation between the public and private sectors, Armenia, the Diaspora, Armenian and non-Armenian public organizations. I think it is very important, because if we are talking about the future, it is very important that this cooperation continues,” said Ruben Vardanyan.

Naming Araik Harutyunyan, Vardanyan said. – “Your responsibility is really very heavy, as the president, who was elected four months before the war, you are in a very difficult situation, you have been carrying that burden for so long. I confidently say that in order to achieve success, the approach must be systemic, if we do not build a system, if we do not introduce transparent, consistently created mechanisms, it is very difficult to achieve success.”

Exactly 5 days after Ilham Aliyev’s request in Munich, Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan fired State Minister Ruben Vardanyan.

Arayik Harutyunyan did not give a specific reason for dismissing Vardanyan, limiting himself to this sentence: “In order not to exhaust the resistance of all of us and the state in all aspects, I have made a decision to dismiss Ruben Vardanyan from the position of state minister.”

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