The Neuköllner neo-partial Nazi’s acquittal is currently under review by the Berlin Attorney General. Senior public prosecutor Dirk Feuerberg of “Welt” stated that “extensive and difficult investigations” led to the indictment. Accordingly, we won’t give up too soon, but instead, we’ll check to see if there are good grounds for an appeal, according to the authority’s deputy head. But first, we’ll wait for the judgment’s written justifications.

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One of the two major suspects in the trial following a string of right-wing extremist crimes in Berlin-Neukölln on Thursday was exonerated by the Tiergarten district court of the accusation of arson. It merely fined the 39-year-old for property damage in nine occasions, totaling 4,500 euros (150 daily rates of 30 euros each). He was found guilty of employing signs from unconstitutional organizations in three of these.

Judge Ulrike Hauser stated during the verdict that the court was able to ascertain that the accused had the proper mentality. Additionally, it was discovered that the 36-year-old co-defendant and the 39-year-old spied on political rivals. However, it was not possible to establish that he was close to the murder scenes on the evening of February 1, 2017. In Neukölln that evening, two men involved in the fight against right-wing extremism had their cars set on fire. According to the Attorney General, they ought to be intimidated.

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The trial of the suspected conspirator will proceed in the Tiergarten district court on January 4. The 36-year-old is charged with fraud as well.

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