The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports that on January 26, as a result of a massive attack by the Russian army using missiles and kamikaze drones in various regions of Ukraine, 11 people were killed, 11 more were injured and injured.

Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that on Thursday, January 26, Ukrainian air defense intercepted 47 out of 55 cruise missiles fired by Russian aircraft and ships. It was reported that Russian missiles X-101, X-555, Caliber, CAR X-59 were shot down.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said that on January 26, Russian military aviation, among other things, used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles (Kh-47M2) to strike targets on Ukrainian territory. The interception of such missiles was not reported.

On the morning of January 26, air raid alarms went off throughout Ukraine. Information was received about launches by the Russian military of X-101 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea region and air attacks from other regions. the Russian army also again used kamikaze drones. Missile hits were recorded in Odessa, Kyiv, Vinnitsa and Zaporozhye regions. In the Odessa region, as a result of strikes, two critical energy infrastructure facilities were damaged.

Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko confirmed hits on energy infrastructure facilities.

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