American Brian Walsh dismembered the body of his wife, Anna Walsh from Belgrade, and got rid of it, prosecutors in the federal state of Massachusetts announced today.

Walsh, who was officially accused last night of the murder of Anna Walsh, with whom he has three children aged two to six, was silent and showed no emotions in the courtroom almost the entire time, and the judge ordered him to be detained without bail, according to the media.

Evidence from the investigation was presented to the court today, including two knives found in the basement of the Volšov house, one of which had traces of blood on it.

Ten bags containing bloody carpets, a hacksaw and an ax were found in a dumpster near the building where Brian Walsh’s mother lives, prosecutors said.

It was also stated that Brian Walsh searched the Internet for how long it takes for a body to decompose, whether decomposition slows down in a plastic bag, whether he can be charged with murder if the body is not found, how much time should pass after a person’s disappearance in order to inherited her property.

Anna Walsh disappeared early in the morning on January 1, when she was supposed to leave for Washington, where she worked in a real estate company and where she has a house.

She has not used her cell phone or credit cards since January 1, and authorities arrested her husband two weeks ago for misleading the police during the investigation.

After she disappeared, their mutual friends said that Ana Walš was in a hurry to sell the car and the apartment before the New Year.

In 2021, Brian Walsh pleaded guilty in court in Boston to defrauding a buyer from Los Angeles, to whom he sold two fake paintings by Andy Warhol for $80,000. The verdict in that case has not yet been pronounced.

During an earlier legal dispute over Walsh’s father’s estate, witnesses described Brian as a sociopath and untrustworthy.

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