In two years, there may be war between China and the US. It is the forecast made in “an extraordinary and bombastic memo,” written by US General Michael A. Minihan and distributed to the troops under his command, that suggests an open battle between the two superpowers will last for a lot less time than previously thought. According to the Washington Post, the general in charge of the Air Mobility Command, which manages the fleet of transport and refueling aircraft for the service, urged his men to expedite preparations for a potential conflict. He did this by citing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitions and the possibility that Americans won’t recognize the risk until it’s too late.

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“Minihan wrote: I hope I’m mistaken. I have a gut feeling that we’ll fight in 2025. In October 2022, Xi was elected to a third term and established the war council. In 2024, Taiwan will hold presidential elections, which will provide Xi cause. The American presidential election in 2024 will present Xi with a divided America. For 2025, Xi’s squad, motivation, and opportunity are all in harmony.”

The thousands of soldiers under Minihan’s command are urged by his memo to get ready for battle in a variety of other ways. “Run thoughtfully, not carelessly, he writes. You are not taking enough chances if you approach training in a comfortable manner, thus you must be “more aggressive.” “.

The document, which was circulated to Minihan’s subordinate commanders, is dated February 1 and was originally reported on Friday by NBC News.

When the note started making the rounds on social media, an Air Force spokeswoman, Major Hope Cronin, confirmed its veracity, saying that Minihan’s order “builds on the pivotal efforts Air Mobility Command made last year to prepare the Air Mobility Forces for future conflicts should deterrence fail.” Under the condition of anonymity, a defense official, however, claimed that Minihan’s remarks “are not typical of the department’s views on China.”

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