The terrorist movement al-Shabaab attacked a hotel in the capital of Somalia. The attack was reportedly aimed at the nearby presidential palace.

Types of terrorists al-Shabaab attacked a hotel favored by government officials in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, reports news agency Reuters.

Al-Shabaab is linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and controls large parts of the Somali countryside. The movement announced that the attack was aimed at the nearby presidential palace.

A person interviewed by Reuters who lives nearby says he heard a large explosion, followed by the sounds of gunfire. A source from the AFP news agency reports similar observations.

News agencies also the police said that the attackers broke into a hotel near the presidential palace. It was not clear Sunday night how many attackers there were.

The security forces rescued both civil servants and civilians from the hotel.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamudwhich was chosen to his position about half a year ago, has led military operations against al-Shabaab.

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