The growing demand for digital services has led to data traffic has grown by 25 percent in 2022, until reaching 48 exabytes (EB) in the DE-CIX exchange points, which registered on December 14, the day with the highest data flow per minute, coinciding with the semifinal match between France and Morocco in the World Cup Football in Qatar.

During 2022 more than 48EB of data were exchanged through DE-CIX exchange points around the world. This number is equivalent to the storage capacity of more than 370 million ‘smartphones’, each with 128 GB of internal memory.

This represents an increase of more than 25 percent compared to the figures registered in 2021. “More and more data is transmitted over the Internet, simply because modern digital applications and services require more and more data from different sources,” explains the DE-CIX global director of Products and Research, Christoph Dietzel, in a press release.

The December 14th the day with the highest data rate per minute was recorded. At around 8:28 p.m. (CET) in the afternoon, when France and Morocco were playing the semifinal of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar, DE-CIX exchange points registered a flow 132 terabytes of data in a single minute.

The company points out that 132 terabytes per minute is equivalent to more than a thousand ‘smartphones’ with 128GB of storage capacity or to the data volume of a five-year-long HD video stream.

DE-CIX sites in New York, Madrid and Mumbai have also experienced significant data growth, surpassing the 1TB per second peak traffic mark by 2022. At the same time, UAE-IX powered by DE-CIX in Dubai recorded a spike in peak traffic to almost 400 Gbit/s on November 22, coinciding with the World Cup soccer match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

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