Apple intends get rid of alphabet services,parent company of Google, in its mobile operating system,so it is working on improving its own services in maps, search and the online advertising’.

According to the statements of two former Apple engineers collected by the Financial Times, the company holds “rencor” to Google since it acquired the Android operating system and made it the main ‘software’ for mobile phones. In fact, one of the sources assures that Apple is leading a “silent war” against Google.

In this sense, former employees of the technology giant point out that the modus operandi that Apple is using in this “war” is advance in fundamental sectors such as maps, developing functions that allow the separation of Google products from its iOS operating system.

A) Yes, Apple began to implement the ‘app’ Maps in the year 2012dispensing with Google Maps services as a pre-downloaded application, although in its beginnings it was a failure for the company. Since then, the Cupertino company has included improvements over the past decade that they have become a competitor right up there with the google maps app.

one of his latest improvements is Business Connecta feature Apple launched earlier this month that allows businesses customize your information cards in the map service so that they can interact with users, share offers and other content.

With this release, get differentiate itself from Google by offering iOS users features that they can only get with this ‘app’ and therefore this operating system. For example, integration with Apple Pay or the text conversation ‘app’ for businesses, Business Chat.


Another aspect that the company led by Tim Cook is working on is an engine search,in which it has been investing resources for a few years for the function known internally as ‘Apple Search’,with which facilitate “billions of searches” per day,as assured by project employees and pointed out by the Financial Times.

This project started in 2013 when the company acquired TopsyLabs, a start-up that used Twitter to enable search and analytics. This technology is the one that uses the tool of the siri voice assistant or the function of search for Mac Spotlight.

But above all, Apple began to further develop its own search engine since it bought machine learning startup Laserlike at the end of 2018, which was founded by three former Google engineers. In fact, according to The Information in November in an analysis, Apple could launch its search engine in at least four years.

Nevertheless, remove google search as default search engine in the Apple operating system it would cost the loss of millions of euros. Alphabet paga a Apple between 8,000 and 12,000 million dollars a year for Google to be the default search engine on their devices, according to the US Department of Justice.


Finally, the last field in which Apple has ambitions to lead in front of Google is in the one of the online advertisingAlphabet earns more than 80 percent of its revenue thanks to this sector, according to the Financial Times.

In this frame, Apple posted a job posting to push the design of the DSP demand platform (Demand Side Platforms) “most advanced and sophisticated possible in terms of privacy”, where advertisers and agencies buy advertising inventory in an automated way.

This movement, as suggested by the Financial Times, would be an indication that Apple intends to build a “novelty” ad network.

In addition, the company has other advertising initiatives. For example, in October Apple announced the implementation of more announcements in the App Store,increasing possibilities for advertisers within the ‘app’ in the ‘Today’ section and in the ‘You might also like’ section.

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