In a video posted on Instagram, the actress and director believes that she is being made to pay “his commitment against sexual violence”. Its producer does not intend to argue and recalls that he has always defended the work of Andréa Bescond.

On the official site of the Free Theater, in Paris, nothing appears about the show Tickles or the Dance of Anger. From January 18 to February 2, 2023, the theater was to host Andréa Bescond’s play, which tells the story of a raped little girl trying to rebuild herself. Largely autobiographical story in which the actress recounts the rapes of which she was the victim as a child.

“The dialogue is too difficult with my production, she said in a video posted on Instagram. I asked to have the same displays as many other artists and one month from the performances, I still have nothing in Paris.

The artist in conflict with JMD production, the house of Jean-Marc Dumontet also at the head of the Free Theater, considers “that he is made to pay for his commitment against the violence“. To support her point, she recounts the words that would have been said to her. “They tell me that I no longer want to, that the fight against violence has completely eaten me up». «In this world, in this country, when you fight against violence, you are considered a radical and completely binary person.“, she expresses, annoyed.

Invoking respect for hisintegrity» and announcing that he no longer wants to be «exploited by people who do not take the measure of the importance of this fight», Andréa Bescond made the decision to cancel the scheduled performances. She will produce her own show, crowned by the Molière for best solo performer in 2016, brought to the big screen in 2018 with a selection in the Un certain Regard section at Cannes.

Faced with his accusations, Jean-Marc Dumontet does not intend to argue. He nevertheless regrets the radicalism of Andréa Bescond. “I have always supported this piece which is overwhelming and moreover, before being its producer, I was its patron, after discovering it for the first time at the Avignon Festival. It is a salutary work that speaks to many generations and alerts to the scourge of pedocrime”he tells the Figaro. Before adding: “It was a wonderful adventure during which she never stopped thanking me. I fought so much alongside Andréa Bescond that I don’t understand how I could have become his enemy to such an extent. As for the possibility of the actress producing her show herself, he recalls that he is the holder of the rights to the play.

Andréa Bescond accompanies her video with a text that exposes an infallible will: “I have been repeatedly told how powerful these people were. But too bad, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of anything anymore except passive complicity around pedocrime and incest».

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