Niclas Füllkrug, the German goal scorer, was relieved and upbeat following the 1-1 draw in the German national team’s second match at the World Cup in Qatar. “We really wanted to end the game in a tie. We needed to understand this, Füllkrug stated on Sunday night. “We now have a chance to advance to the next round, without a doubt. We can now enter the last game in good spirits and with the expectation that everything will work out.

The Bremen player’s teammates were enthused about Füllkrug. “excellent entry. He’s there for precisely that reason, “When the score was 1-0, Thomas Müller, who had left the pitch for Füllkrug, spoke. Of course, he has already made that announcement in recent days. As you can see, he exudes enormous confidence and uses his right foot like a real hammer. He’s got a great goal, and I have to add, he’s a great guy.”

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“You can tell what traits somebody has by looking at his objective. No other technique to shoot it exists. Ilkay Gündogan declared, “That was a brutally important goal for us. Antonio Rüdiger, head of the defense, added: “Niclas came in and performed his job and that’s what keeps us alive.”

According to Gündogan, his team had a “clear concept” of “our plan to defend it. We had a better chance to score in the end, so we can accept the point.”

Ideas regarding the World Cup in Qatar Football no longer makes it so simple to enjoy it. Chef Anton Schmaus of DFB “The national team has such a tradition with rice pudding” From the mobile fan embassy, Philipp Beitzel and Julia Zeyn: “The national team lacks youthful fans.”

“Everything was difficult against the Spaniards who were in a high mood,” team captain Manuel Neuer said. His team “tolerated little and accepted this war.” He lavished praise on the defense. And: “We didn’t bury our heads in the sand after the 0:1 and kept on having faith in ourselves. The most significant fact is that we are still alive.

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