The Italian ski star Sofia Goggia (30) is back on skis less than 24 hours after a severe hand injury and subsequent surgery at the World Cup and skied away on Saturday morning in St. Moritz (Switzerland) with a bloody hand bandage.

Bloodied to the finish Ski star wins with a horror hand!

In the women’s Super-G World Cup, she raced ahead of the Slovenian Ilka Štuhec (32) with a time of 1:28.85 and got her third win on the fourth descent. Chapeau!

Her start yesterday was still in the stars.

What happened?

On Friday she injured her left hand on a gate on the descent in bad weather conditions – in the end she missed victory by only 29 hundredths. Bandaged, she watches the rest of the race and the performance of her pursuers from below.

Result: She finished second behind compatriot and winner Elena Curtoni (31/1:09.40 minutes)!

However, she could not celebrate the podium place.

Shortly after the race she is flown by helicopter to the hospital in Milan (125 kilometers as the crow flies). After more detailed examinations, the suspicion is confirmed: broken hand! She has to go under the knife!

She was operated on in Milan on Friday and had screws inserted. She was out of the hospital again on Saturday morning.

With a big hand from the surgery, the ski ace starts again on Saturday morning. And creates the unbelievable. With her stick taped to her glove, she crosses the finish line – as if nothing had happened yesterday – and finally wins. Insanity!

In an interview with ARD she says: “Sometimes I have the feeling that my life is a film.”

It’s not a movie, it’s reality – what an achievement. She is probably the toughest woman in the world and the next descent is already on Sunday…

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