“It is difficult to think that Juventus is solely responsible for a capital gains system which in reality, unfortunately, is widespread not only in Italy but internationally. To date it is difficult to understand, given that capital gains in general they do it in two.” Thus the CEO of Lega Serie A, Luigi De Siervo, regarding the 15-point penalty imposed on Juventus by the FIGC’s Court of Appeal. Today the Court announced the reasons for the decision.

“We are part of a system and we must respect all the rules, even the bodies that judge it -adds De Siervo to the microphones of ‘La politica nel ballo’ on Gr Parlamento-. We will carefully read the reasons before expressing an opinion I don’t think the problem is the structure of sports justice but rather a system of rules. My invitation is to FIFA to identify principles to be applied in a certain way, to be explained to the entire public. When there are rules, they can be respected by all clearly”.

“I would be cautious, what happened left everyone a bit perplexed due to the timing that caused more than embarrassment”, he adds. “We need to move on certain rules, which at the moment for many teams don’t seem to be violated. But we should understand this asymmetry better in Italy and in Europe. Let’s wait for the reasons, because we are all interested in understanding and I hope, also for the role I hold , that the matter is resolved for the best”, says De Siervo.

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