The Asturian pivot acknowledges that “there is a desire” to return to Sweden the defeat a year ago in the European final

The player of the Spanish handball team Abel Serdio embraces the nerves he felt in his first World Cup and that he will feel this Sunday in the fight for bronze against Sweden, the unequivocal sign of an “important match” together with some ‘Hispanics’ who they have gained “all their repercussion” as fixed in the medals.

Spain has another appointment with a podium in Stockholm (18.00), which would be its tenth medal in the last 12 years. “There’s little more to say, it says it all. If the level of repercussion of ‘Hispanics’ has been increasing, it’s because of this kind of thing. There’s little to say when you get so many medals and perhaps always being one of the hidden ones in the championships That shows the gene that this selection has”, comments the Asturian in an interview with Europa Press.

For the Wisla Plock player, the fair appointment in Poland, host of the World Cup together with Sweden, has meant his first call for a major tournament, an “experience” that “is worth a lot.” “I’m new here. The feeling of the match against Norway, that nervousness that you feel until the end. Denmark, the same. You’re playing the ticket to a final and you feel those nerves that are good, they are part of the sport. If you have a game and you’re nervous is good because it’s a game that you feel is important”, he explains.

The path of the ‘Hispanics’ had that moment for history against Norway, with a pass to the semifinals after two extensions, but collided with the double champion Denmark, losing the option to fight for a third world title. Jordi Ribera’s men had to travel that same night and share a plane with their executioners while they tried to erase the bad memory to think about bronze, the metal they defend after Egypt 2021.

“In the moments after the game, when you see that it has escaped you, you feel very bad. You see that you have had an opportunity and you have not achieved it. As a beginner, fighting for a bronze is a great prize. People with more experience is more fucked up, but the atmosphere is good. We are going to recover well and we are going to show that we are candidates to win bronze”, he says.

The Spanish pivot, who also confesses the problems of a shared organization on those trips that complicate everything, also reveals a conversation with Dani Sarmiento, an illustrious ‘Hispanic’ and teammate at Wisla Plock. “Getting a bronze helps to remove all the penalties of the semifinal match. You end up on the podium and you see everything differently,” says the harangue, with the clear objective before returning home.

“You can see everything you see on social networks and the support that your relatives show you, the people who write. You can see that people turn to handball, perhaps not as much as in other countries. In recent years, ‘Hispanics ‘They have achieved great things, it is not easy. Not everyone repeats. All the repercussions that the men’s handball team has is well deserved”, he adds about the repercussions of the team.


France, Norway, Denmark and now Sweden, all old acquaintances, usual suspects with Spain again facing a bigger challenge. “France could touch you, which was another hard bone, but it is true that playing against Sweden, at home, at first seems very difficult, but we trust ourselves. We have shown that we have played very good games. Sweden will be equally a very tough rival, let’s hope that the handicap of playing at home doesn’t weigh on us”, he points out about the duel for bronze at the Tele2 Arena.

Stockholm also serves as the option of revenge for some ‘Hispanics’ who a year ago lost to Sweden in the European final, when they were looking for a third title in a row. “Yes, a bit yes (desire for revenge). I experienced that from the outside, but yes, there is a desire, to give them back a bit of the disappointment that losing against them caused in the group last year. It is more recent and if we get the bronze will be to put a good finishing touch to this Championship”, he confesses without thinking.

In the same way, the loss of the main culprit of that defeat, a Jim Gottfridsson who broke a finger in the quarterfinals, may be something in favor of those from Ribera. “It always helps when one of the best central defenders in the world is injured, but this always happens. The one who seems to be the leader is injured and another arrives and does the same or better. Sweden has many weapons, it doesn’t matter who is on the field “, he explains cautiously.

Finally, Serdio, “happy” on a personal level for exceeding his “expectations” with leading role in “important minutes”, declares his admiration for the ‘Hispanics’. “For a few years, Jordi has done a great job at the base. In recent years, people have gone to stronger leagues and that experience abroad helps you compete at a higher level in these World Cups and tournaments. The team we have , friendship, is one of the keys”, he ends.

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