Chinese dishes are for all intents and purposes the special one since they taste delightfully solid, yet they can likewise be the simplest to get ready. Take your preferred congee formula for instance. There are such a large number of approaches to cook your congee that could accommodate your individual tastes. You can browse various techniques for setting up your preferred congee formula at home whenever and anyway way you pick. What’s pleasant about it is, you don’t need to think a lot about your way in the kitchen or cooking so far as that is concerned. Along these lines, in the event that you need to know all the more how you can make your very own congee dish, read on and get some answers concerning the few different ways of setting it up with a reward congee formula.

For Uncooked Rice on a Stove Top

(1) Choose a profound enough cooking pot with a thick base to cook rice equally. Chinese mud pots are generally utilized, yet any overwhelming bottomed pot will do.

(2) Add in water and uncooked rice to the pot. Ensure that the rice has been washed a few times.

(3) Bring to a heat up the water and rice blend and afterward stew to a bringing down warmth.

(4) Stir the rice once in a while cooking to avoid staying on the pot’s base. Ensure that you check the cooking rice once in a while since it could without much of a stretch consume when left unattended.

For Cooked Rice on a Stove Top

(1) Put in a major pot the ideal measure of cooked rice and water. Extra rice is normally utilized for this.

(2) Break up the bunches of the cooked rice on the pot by mixing or squeezing them down.

(3) Bring to a bubble at that point lower warmth to give the rice a chance to stew until the ideal consistency.

For Cooked Rice Using a Rice Cooker

(1) Add in the right proportion of cooked rice and water as indicated by your favored congee consistency and put into your rice cooker.

(2) Press the cook catch and ensure that you close the cooker’s spread.

(3) Wait until the rice has separated into discrete grains and until it has arrived at the ideal consistency, and afterward mood killer the rice cooker.

For Uncooked Rice on a Slow Cooker: Congee Rice with Chicken


1 ½ cups white rice (long grain assortment)

2 quarts soup or chicken stock

1 quart water

New ginger cut into 4 quarter sizes

¼ new ginger minced

Scallops, 2 entire and 4 pieces daintily cut

2 bosom parts (skinless and boneless) cut into 1-inch pieces

2 bits of Chinese frankfurters

salt to taste

simmered peanuts

soy sauce

sesame oil (toasted)

hot sauce (for serving)

(1) Combine rice, chicken stock/juices, water, cut ginger and entire scallions in the pot.

(2) Cook on high and spread pot, making sure to blend the congee rice at times until the rice has separated, which may take around 4 hours.

(3) Take out and discard the ginger and entire scallions from the pot.

(4) Add in the chicken cuts into the cooking congee.

(5) Cover the pot, and after that cook on high until the chicken pieces have been cooked.

(6) In a different sauce skillet, bring t a heat up the Chinese wieners. Channel and after that cut the cooked wieners into slender cuts.

(7) Season as wanted at that point serve the congee in dishes.

(8) Top dishes with the rest of the fixings – Chinese frankfurters, ginger, scallions , peanuts, soy sauce, sesame oil and hot sauce.

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