Without him, “Marquee Moon,” the anthem of the punk-rock genre that developed from the New York underground in the late 1970s, would not have existed. Piece-monster was the Television group’s hallmark record and was just as influential as its former leader Tom Verlaine, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 73, according to his family.

His daughter Jesse Paris Smith, who was the product of his relationship with Patti Smith, another significant figure in the music industry at the time, informed the New York Times of his passing without providing any additional details other than the fact that he had passed away after a “short illness.”

In honor of Paul, the French poet whose poetry he will try to infuse into his words, Tom Verlaine, born Thomas Miller, decided to use that name to establish himself. He also plays the guitar in a unique style that is equal parts ethereal and violent. with the 1977 album “Marquee Moon,” the first of its kind, coming at the end.

After two albums, the group broke up.

The namesake single, which is almost 10 minutes long, alone exemplifies the depth of a movement that has given rise to numerous musical genres, from the Ramones to the Talking Heads via Blondie. They all traveled to CBGB’s, a frantic club on New York City’s Lower East Side where the best punk-rock moments were lived, to preach their message.

Nevertheless, despite “Marquee Moon” rated extremely high in the numerous, continuously updated rankings of significant works like Rolling Stone, the NME, or Pitchfork, television has had a comparatively successful commercially. After releasing two albums, the group disbanded, and Verlaine went on to make ten solo albums while working with several musicians, including David Bowie and Patti Smith. Then, in the early 1990s, television reformed, even releasing in 1992 a third and final disc with the same name. While interesting, it fell well short of recapitulating the charm of “Marquee Moon” or its successor, the underappreciated “Adventure” (1978). However, this most recent work has the advantage of restarting television. The Americans had finally returned to Paris, illuminating the Inrockuptibles festival at La Cigale in November 1992, after making their first appearance there in 1977 (with Telephone in the first part, it can’t be invented). In the early 2000s, Parisian onlookers got the pleasure of witnessing them once more.

His disappearance, along with the recent deaths of Jeff Beck and David Crosby, adds to January’s terrible reputation for the music industry.

Thurston Moore, the former leader of Sonic Youth, and Stuart Braithwaite, the frontman of Mogwai, two bands who owe him a lot, both posted condolences on social media. In order to create the sound of U2, The Edge also used his guitar playing as inspiration.

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