Ignacio Garca-Belenguer, general director of the Teatro Real, has been unanimously elected president of Opera Europe during the meeting of the association’s board of directors, which unites theaters and lyrical festivals from around Europe and other continents.

you have a meeting The Opera Europa General Assembly, which will meet on April 1 in Wiesbaden, Germany, as part of its Spring Conference, must ratify it.

More than 200 theaters and lyrical festivals from 42 European and non-European nations, including New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Israel, Oman, and South Africa, are members of Opera Europa, an association that ensures the growth and dissemination of opera throughout the continent through a number of joint initiatives, including World Opera Day. Opera Europa held its first assembly in Madrid 20 years ago.

Since April 2012, Garca-Belenguer has served as the Teatro Real’s general director. The creation of the 2021-2026 strategy plan is the key goal of his current mandate, for which he was confirmed in 2021 for an additional five years.

In acknowledgment of the work done by the Teatro Real during the pandemic, he earned the Character of the Year Award from ‘Out of Series Magazine’ in 2021, the same year he also won the Man of the Day award from ‘Forbes’ magazine.

In May 2018, he helped organize the World Opera Forum, the first gathering of opera houses worldwide, which took place at the Teatro Real and resulted in the decision to create a group defense plan for opera. This gathering led to the declaration of October 25 as World Opera Day.

After serving as the association’s vice president from 2021 to 2023, the general director of the Teatro Real has been named Opera Europa’s president. With this appointment, a new era of international projection tactics and the development of the poetic genre, its audiences, and its institutions begins.

Garca-Belenguer is also vice president of Pera XXI and has served as the organization’s first representative from Europe since joining Pera Latinoamérica’s board of directors in 2018. He is a member of the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts’ Executive Committee.

He holds a law degree, and since 1995, he has been a member of the Superior Corps of State Civil Administrators. He is a Madrid native who has held high-ranking roles in a number of General State Administration organizations during his professional career. He has also served as a professor at the Carlos III, Complutense, and Autonomous universities.

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