In Britain, the coronation is held at the beginning of May. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, will also receive an invitation.

of Sussex duke, prince Harry and and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan get called king Charles’s to the coronation, the news agency Bloomberg reports.

There was uncertainty in the air about whether the couple would be invited at all, as they have criticized the royal family in very harsh words. The documentary released on the Netflix streaming service also revealed more conflicts and disputes within the British court.

The coronation will be held in London’s Westminster Abbey on May 6. A representative of Buckingham Palace did not comment on information about the invitation.

“He [kuningas] loves both of his sons,” the source, however, said on condition of anonymity The Daily Telegraphille.

Invitations have reportedly not yet arrived for Harry and Meghan, but they are welcome to attend the festivities if they wish, according to The Daily Telegraph.

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