Puebla, Pue., The installation of electric charging stations that provide fast charging to electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids, must be ordered, said Luis Guillermo Pineda Bernal, commissioner of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

In an interview in the context of the Puebla 2022 Summit of the National Organization of Oil Dispensers (Onexpo), the official commented that the regulatory body is already working to create regulations on the also known as electrolineras, although there is still no defined term for show up.

The member of the governing body of the CRE considered that the gas sector should be put the batteriesbecause the trends in the energy area are based on the energy transition, technological development, the electrification of transport, the growth of renewable energies, a demographic change in many cities and the rise of distributed generation.

He highlighted when participating in the forum that in the Mexican territory the growth of charging stations has been very little, since up to now there are 1,189, while in service stations there are 2,193 chargers. However, he said, it is a reality that will come in 20 to 30 years.

The rise of electric cars comes in a very exponential wayhe highlighted after recalling that one of the most important Chinese automakers in the electric vehicle sector will sell units in the country.

The official reported that the sale of electric and hybrid vehicles was 47,079 units in 2021, a growth of 92.91 percent more than a year earlier, when the National Institute of Statistics and Geography reported 24,404 units sold in the country.

He added that up to August, 31,08 electric and hybrid cars have been sold, 3.1 percent more than in the same period last year. He pointed out that electromobility is an international agreement signed by Mexico to contribute to a better, socially healthy and economically efficient world.

Although electromobility is a great opportunity in Latin America, we have to take it very calmly and do an orderly planning with an adequate balance.

He gave the example of Costa Rica, where they were overwhelmed by a policy and a change in the energy matrix, flooding that country with electric stations, which fell into disuse and had to return to gasoline.

we are already on itHe said about the regulation of fast charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

We are working on projects for the electrolineras, spaces are opening up. As head of the presidency of the national advisory body for the electricity sector, we open spaces to work on the regulation, because we do not have a regulation, that is, we do not know which one is appropriate for the charge to be collected.said.

Separately, Jorge Mijares Casas, president of Onexpo, commented in an interview that the sector still sees in the long term that there are service stations that supply energy and gasoline in a single point of sale. The change is going to happen gradually, we believe that Mexico has about 30 years to go.he said about the supply of fossil fuels at gas stations.

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