In 2022, Mexico ranked as the second trading partner of the United States, measured by the value of the sum of exports and imports between the two nations, being slightly below Canada, reveal data from the Census Bureau of the US Department of Commerce. .

According to figures from the organization, the exchange of goods and services between Mexico and the United States reached 779 thousand 300 million dollars in 2022, which represented 14.7 percent of all global trade of the main economic power in the world.

The first place, according to the US Census Bureau, was occupied by Canada, whose exchange added 793 thousand 800 million dollars, 14.9 percent of the global trade of the United States last year, which amounted to 5 trillion 311 billion dollars. .

In third place was China, with an exchange of 690 thousand 600 million dollars, equivalent to 13 percent of the total US trade. For years both nations have been waging a trade war and different tariffs are applied on key items.

Exports of goods and services from Mexico to the neighboring nation were located at 454 thousand 900 million dollars, an increase of 18.2 percent compared to 384 thousand 648 million dollars in 2021.

Imports closed the year at a level of 324.3 billion dollars, an increase of 17.1 percent compared to 276.491 billion dollars in 2021.

According to historical data from the US Census Bureau, both exports and imports from Mexico to the United States were at their highest level for a year since records exist, that is, 1993.

Mexico’s trade balance with the United States, that is, the difference between the value of exports and imports, gives a surplus of 130 thousand 552 million dollars, which means that the value of Mexico’s sales were higher than purchases What did he do to that country?

Leader in December

During December 2022, Mexico was positioned as the main partner of the United States by registering a commercial exchange worth 61 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 14.5 percent of the global trade of the main world economy, which in that month totaled 422 billion dollars.

In second place was Canada, with 60.7 million dollars and in third China, with a total of 51.1 billion dollars in December 2022.

In detail, exports from Mexico to the US during the last month of 2022 amounted to 36.1 billion dollars, an increase of 8.3 compared to 33.1 billion in the same month of 2021.

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