It ended the year at 94.8%, matching the consumer price index.

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses revealed today that the Wholesale Price Index increased 6.1% in December and amounted to an increase of 94.8% over the previous year (Indec).

With this record, the wholesale price index is one percentage point higher than the retail index for the same month, which concluded at 5.1%. The two records, with an inflation of 94.8%, were tied in the yearly variation.

While this was happening, the cost of construction increased 5.8% in December and 97.6% in 2022.

In the wholesale market, primary goods increased by 6%, manufactured goods by 5.4%, and imported goods by 8% in December. In statistical terms, these increases were countered by a 1% decrease in the cost of electrical energy utilized by businesses.

Among the primary products, the increases in agricultural products by 10.1%, crude oil and gas by 7.7%, non-metallic minerals by 6.8%, and fisheries by 2.1% stood out.

In terms of construction, the 5.6% increase in December was the result of general increases in “Materials,” “Labor,” and “Expenses” of 6.1%, 6.1%, and 6.2%, respectively.

A 6.4% increase in “Salaried labor” and a 4.2% increase in “Subcontracted labor” are the causes of the wage cost increase.

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